Shinesoft Systems
Welcome to Shinesoft Systems

Shinesoft Systems is a software product and services company located is in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We provide software solutions and consulting services for the Internet.

Shinesoft leveraged its expertise in Internet protocols to develop multiple products, tools and architectures for its clients.

Our primary areas of expertise are: Our primary areas of expertise are:
  • Microservices architecture design and implementation
  • Mobile and pervasive computing system architecture and design
  • Agile methodology lifecycle design and implementation
  • Systems and aplication implementation in Java, Scala, Python, ROR, C++
  • Big Data system architecture
  • Big Data system implementation, deployment
  • Big Data analytics and machine learning
  • Security architecture, design and audit
Shinesoft products and services help our customers solve their software architecture requirements and bring products to market faster and in superior quality.

Shinesoft Systems, 10025 Crescent Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel: (408) 421-6417